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  • Amanda Ghobadi

Glam by Jeet: Backstage Secrets

Beauty is my second favorite thing about being a beauty artist. My favorite part? Connecting with my clientele.

I bring a bit more life experience to the palette when it comes to most beauty artists in the industry. I am a married woman. I have worked the corporate world. I have two kids. On the other hand, I probably am just as familiar with every trending beauty YouTube personality as your 13 year old daughter! My prom clients and I always have fun comparing our favorite Jaclyn Hill videos and trying out tips from Teni Panosian. I am also not afraid to admit that when it comes to the entire spectrum of makeup looks from high glam to naturally effortless, the Kardashians have that stuff down. From sweet sixteen to the grandmother of the groom, I’m here to make you feel as good as you’ll look!

From makeup to hair, my specialty is catering to the exact look you are going for. Before our session, I always ask clients to send me a picture of their desired look. This gives me the time to understand the best way to translate that look onto their particular features, to replicate a look with colors that compliment their natural coloring. The end result always works best when you remember we’re emphasizing your own existing beauty, not copying someone else’s. One of my clients’ put it well, “Jeet can customize your look to be just what you want.” Customizing to your beauty, that’s what I love doing!

As a mobile makeup artist, I am able to come straight to you in the comfort of your own home. This means no rushing across town to make it to your appointment on time and no hiring babysitters. Before we start, I like to sit down with my clients and once more go over what skin finish they want, talk about glossy versus matte lips, and hairstyles. In order for you to be relaxed, I start with your hair and move on to makeup. I ask questions throughout the entire process and then handover a mirror for the big reveal! In an hour and half, all that’s left is to put on your dress!

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