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Spotlight Service: Let's Go Shopping!

One frequent comment my clients walk away saying is, “If only I could do this myself!”

I will be the first to say that the beauty world is an overwhelming world. There are hundreds upon hundreds of beauty brands out there — where to begin?! So many clients conclude that in order to get the look I’ve created for them, they’d have to go and spend hundreds on high-end beauty. But that just isn’t the case, girls, and I’m more than happy to take you on an educational shopping trip with a Shop & Learn session.

If you are ready to move beyond the security of mascara and lipgloss, and perhaps dare to contour, sign up for a Shop & Learn session. We’ll run to Target, Sephora, or Ulta and discover all of the makeup products you need to achieve your glam day-to-day look. From color matching to selecting the most flattering eyeshadows for your complexion, we’ll cover everything! I also know the most high-end products don’t mean anything unless you learn how to use them. After our shopping spree, we’ll go back to your house (or mine if you’re looking to get out of the house!) and I’ll teach you exactly how to use everything you’ve purchased. All Shop & Learn sessions are two to three hours of fun!

This service is available to anyone in Frederick Maryland and surrounding areas! If you’re in high school and wanting to learn and try different looks, about to graduate college and ready for a more elevated and professional look, or just looking for a fun experience, I’d love for you to join me with a Shop & Learn!

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