Glam by Jeet's 1st ever Client Appreciation Bash was this past weekend!!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share pictures from my first ever Glam by Jeet Client Appreciation Bash that was held at Stevenson Ridge in Spotsylvania on 6/24/18! It was a huge milestone for me, because 5 short years ago, I never thought I could afford to gift something to myself in the future let alone to dozens of clients! I was a mom of a young child and in the middle of a gloomy recession; the future seemed so far away and I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to do when I grew up. I am so glad all the little decisions and events since then led me to all of you because I have never been happier, more fulfilled or hopeful for the future! There is no stopping this girl now! For that, I am truly grateful. I would not be in such a good place in my life if I had never met every single one of you. You all have taught me, loved me, encouraged me, cheered me on, and given me purpose. I have surrounded myself with boss ladies that manage to kick ass in the industry, raise beautiful happy children and always push further for success. I just cannot thank my lucky stars enough for all of the good that is in my life now.

This bash was something I felt led to put together earlier this year in the spring. The weather was finally warming up, the sun was out a little longer every day, little blades of grass were pushing their way out of the cold ground, and a new year was literally starting to take shape. I felt a rush of thankfulness and love for everyone that has supported me on this journey and HAD to do something with that positive energy. I was finally in a place financially to set some money aside and shower you all with some great prizes, food and desserts, bubbly drinks, and cookies!! I called up my favorite venue in the whole world with the most insane views and got myself a date on the calendar and then invited all of my repeat customers, photographers that use me often or exclusively, as well as brides of large bridal parties over the last year. Its been so exciting!

I hope to continue this tradition and gather all 850+ of you in one place someday! Thank you for supporting me and making my wildest dreams come true. I love serving people and hosting this event made me so happy. Please email me if you all have any ideas for a future get together!! Vendors - if you're interesting in partnering in the future to host an amazing glam event - do the same <3 

To my beautiful, inspiring husband Jesse- it's been a crazy road, and I hardly ever say it as much as I should, but I am thankful for you every single day. Thank you for telling me to keep pushing forward on all of those nights I wanted to give up, and for helping to raise our gorgeous baby, Gisele on all of the weekends I'm gone to work, while working towards your own huge dreams. You've taught me many things, especially to be obsessed with my business until it's successful, and then to obsess some more. To always be thankful, to always push through no matter what happens. I just love you!

To my spunky, hilarious, incredibly smart baby Gisele-  thank you for putting up with a lot so that mommy can live her dream life! I do it all for you and hope to inspire you to go for your dreams all day, every day. I love you so much pumpkin <3 

A special thank you to Elabee Cine-photography for photographing my event. To The Cookie Momster Kitchen - you have absolutely outdone yourself with the cookies you made for me. I am excited for your future! Stevenson Ridge - the weather couldn't have been more perfect and working together was absolutely amazing. I am so glad many of my brides choose you for their big day. To Jenny, thank you for always coming through and treating my clients with the same respect and love I would!

Miss Teri, I hope you enjoy your new Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Pro Palette! 

Miss Morgan, I can't wait to see what you do with your new Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette!

and last but not least...

Miss Tiffany, please enjoy your new Morphe Brushes set!!!

I am so excited for all of you!

I went to see @Botoxbunny at Hela Medical Spa in Georgetown DC!

Alright you guys. Time for me to put all my business out there and help some of you out. I feel like I listen to so many of you put yourself down on a daily basis when you’re in my chair and It makes me feel so bad- I am not desensitized to it and I cringe every single time. We are all the same. Behind closed doors, I’m also a normal woman who worries about the same “imperfections” on my face. Im 32 and live a pretty stressed life. I am constantly working, rushing to get from one appointment to the next every single day. When I’m not working with clients in person, I’m on my phone answering texts, voicemails, IG dms, emails and Facebook messages from past, present and future clients. I never sleep before 1 am and am up by 7 am daily to be a mom and get to my morning appointments (earlier on weekends for sunrise shoots, weddings and boudoir work). I think all of these things have really taken a toll on my skin in the last few years since my business took off. I wouldn’t trade it for anything because I am so thankful to be able to be more present for Gisele than ever before and do what I truly love - but for me it was def time to take the leap and do something about things that were making me self conscious about my face in a relatively simple/painless/non invasive manner. I just want to share something that may help you in the same way that it has helped me. We all have a great base/beautiful face to work with, it just may need a little help to be next level 😉

If you’ve been even a little curious about Botox and fillers- please take a look at the two pics at the bottom of this post, because I’m about to tell you my experience with Botox/xeomin w someone I’ve been following for months right here in the dc area!

A few weeks (3 and a few days) have passed since I visited @botoxbunny (Erika Barry) over at the gorgeous Hela Medical spa in Georgetown DC- if you were following my instastories you saw me post an unedited pic of my face from a few days ago w a light layer of makeup on. If you look next to it, you’ll see an embarrassing unedited picture from just about a month ago w the same amount of makeup on. Tired eyes, crows feet and saggy brows lol.

Miss Erika injected just enough Botox/xeomin around my eyes to smooth out my crows feet, forehead to smooth out the lines where makeup always settles, brows to lift them and help w the hooded eyes I’ve developed, and upper lip to help it do a "lip flip"/ stop curling when I smiled (I hated my gums showing and refused to wear lip gloss for this reason since I was a teenager. She told me I did not need any filler at all because my lips are already full so another high five to her for not selling me a bunch of stuff I didn’t even need). 

This treatment has also helped me to stop furrowing my brows constantly from stress and reading/thinking etc which often led to headaches by mid day most days. I had Botox/dysport done once before but was really unhappy with it and didn’t like the customer service either (email me at if you have questions about that place because I don’t believe in putting anyone on blast). @botoxbunny watched me talk, listened to exactly what my concerns were and then came up w the perfect plan that worked for me.

To answer many of you, yes it’s a little more expensive to get work done in dc compared to our local area, however, @botoxbunny is well worth every single penny. I think the extra couple of dollars that I spent per unit was def worth it because she took her time, didn’t rush me out of the spa, and honestly did a great, natural job. You can see it yourself in my before and after photo. Please DM me if you have any questions and also follow her for great treatments she offers/pictures of before and afters. Thanks again Miss Erika- you seriously have no idea how much better I feel. ❤️

 Unedited before botox/xeomin      

Unedited before botox/xeomin



 unedited after botox/xeomin&nbsp;

unedited after botox/xeomin 

Service Spotlight: Let's Go Shopping!

One frequent comment my clients walk away saying is, “If only I could do this myself!” 


I will be the first to say that the beauty world is an overwhelming world. There are hundreds upon hundreds of beauty brands out there — where to begin?! So many clients conclude that in order to get the look I’ve created for them, they’d have to go and spend hundreds on high-end beauty. But that just isn’t the case, girls, and I’m more than happy to take you on an educational shopping trip with a Shop & Learn session.

If you are ready to move beyond the security of mascara and lipgloss, and perhaps dare to contour, sign up for a Shop & Learn session. We’ll run to Target, Sephora, or Ulta and discover all of the makeup products you need to achieve your glam day-to-day look. From color matching to selecting the most flattering eyeshadows for your complexion, we’ll cover everything! I  also know the most high-end products don’t mean anything unless you learn how to use them. After our shopping spree, we’ll go back to your house (or mine if you’re looking to get out of the house!) and I’ll teach you exactly how to use everything you’ve purchased. All Shop & Learn sessions are two to three hours of fun! 

This service is available to anyone in the Stafford and Fredericksburg areas! If you’re in high school and wanting to learn and try different looks, about to graduate college and ready for a more elevated and professional look, or just looking for a fun experience, I’d love for you to join me with a Shop & Learn!

Glam By Jeet: Backstage

Beauty is my second favorite thing about being a beauty artist. My favorite part? Connecting with my clientele. 


I bring a bit more life experience to the palette when it comes to most beauty artists in the industry. I am a married woman. I have worked the corporate world. I have a baby girl. On the other hand, I probably am just as familiar with every trending beauty YouTube personality as your 13 year old daughter! My prom clients and I always have fun comparing our favorite Jaclyn Hill videos and trying out tips from Teni Panosian. I am also not afraid to admit that when it comes to the entire spectrum of makeup looks from high glam to naturally effortless, the Kardashians have that stuff down. From sweet sixteen to the grandmother of the groom, I’m here to make you feel as good as you’ll look!

From makeup to hair, my specialty is catering to the exact look you are going for. Before our session, I always ask clients to send me a picture of their desired look. This gives me the time to understand the best way to translate that look onto their particular features, to replicate a look with colors that compliment their natural coloring. The end result always works best when you remember we’re emphasizing your own existing beauty, not copying someone else’s. One of my clients’ put it well, “Jeet can customize your look to be just what you want.” Customizing to your beauty, that’s what I love doing!

As a mobile makeup artist, I am able to come straight to you in the comfort of your own home. This means no rushing across town to make it to your appointment on time and no hiring babysitters. Before we start, I like to sit down with my clients and once more go over what skin finish they want, talk about glossy versus matte lips, and hairstyles. In order for you to be relaxed, I start with your hair and move on to makeup. I ask questions throughout the entire process and then handover a mirror for the big reveal! In an hour and half, all that’s left is to put on your dress!

Click here to get Glam By Jeet!

The WHY Behind The Brand

“The best way of learning about anything is by doing.” 

Styled_Stock_Photography_Social Squares Subscription_December2017_30.JPG

I was always the girly girl in my circle of friends and family. Naturally, I was always learning about the latest makeup trends and how to achieve them. If you are passionate about something, you consequently find hours have past as you have finished reading through every beauty magazine and practicing on yourself! That was me growing up! Learning by doing.

People knew that style, hair and beauty were three things that were integral to who I was! My mother is Indian and is an artist, so you can only imagine the tapestry of dramatic makeup and colors I was exposed to. While other girls dressed up with concealer and mascara for special family events, I was perfecting a heavier dramatic look. By the age of 12, I had mastered winged liner. By the time I was in college and friends were attending galas and special events, the rumors spread to go get glam with Jeet. 

I graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in criminology and did work as a background investigator for a few years after graduating. But after having our baby girl, I found myself exhausted…trying to keep up with a full-time job I wasn’t in love with and raising a child with my husband. I wasn’t there for her in the completely present way I wanted to be, I needed flexibility; I needed to open up my own beauty practice. 

You can imagine the pushback I received! “That’s a great transition job, Jeet. But you can’t make a living doing this!” That only fueled me even more! I was determined to show that if you allow what you love to drive your ambition, nothing can stop you. I had a lifelong passion for beauty doubled with a momma’s love for her baby, you bet this was GOING to happen! In 2014, I took the leap and immediately started learning from a few artists in the area. I combined my self-taught talent with the mentorship of women who were where I wanted to be. What’s that quote? “Surround yourself with what you want to become”? 

I have always admired and learned from Tamanna Roashan (@dressyourface). To me, she’s the OG of the Instagram makeup world. Creating a million dollar industry by the time she was 30? Attending her seminar was a must. I think I am able to work will all types of clients because of her tutelage. I model her work in mine and tailor it to each of my clients. Every issue from skin tones, color matching, Arabian makeup…I’ve mastered it because I’ve done it. 

We’re all women. We all understand times of insecurity. From young girls just entering the world of makeup, college women wanting to learn a more professional look, expecting mommas who feel as though they’ve lost their beauty mid-pregnancy to single mothers and working mothers. Heck, even during times you just feel bloated and need to learn about the magic of a good contour.

I think I loved beauty as a child because there is a confidence that comes from feeling beautiful. I always felt confident when my makeup was done. I learned that by doing it.

I love when women look in the mirror and feel confident, and that’s how every woman leaves after she has worked with me. 

I’ve learned that, by delivering it.